Kustom Jewels Guide


Kustom Jewels #DesignedByYou. With the Krown Jewels, Kustom Jewels collection you can create the pieces you wish existed. This unique feature allows you to draw, write, type and use reference pictures of your desired design and have it turned into custom jewelry pieces. Custom solid gold jewelry can be very pricey so I've created a line of jewelry that you can customize at an accessible & affordable price point.

How it works:

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email that will ask you to send in pictures of your design detail. Inlcude any and all drawings or reference images. Feel free to email info@krownjewelsbykai.com to get help with any design ideas before purchasing.

What are the Kustom Jewels made of?

All Kustom jewels are available in both 14k gold filled (not plated) or 925 sterling silver. High quality and economically priced, these are both the closest alternatives to SOLID gold/silver.

What is Gold Filled?

Not to be confused with gold plating (aka electroplating), gold-filled jewelry is constructed by mechanically bonding gold to a base metal (brass or sterling silver) with heat and pressure. Gold filled lasts much longer than gold plated jewelry and contains a thicker layer and higher quality of gold (5% or 1/20 of gold).The gold layer of our gold filled jewelry is 10 times thicker than that of normal gold plated jewelry, which make it last years. With PROPER CARE, it does not flake off, rub off or turn colors. Anyone can wear gold filled jewelry without worries of any allergic reaction. When properly cared for, gold filled does not tarnish and is closest alternative to solid gold.  photo 1200px-Gold_filled-en.svg_1.png

What is 925 Sterling Silver?

925 Sterling Silver consists of consists of 92.5% genuine silver with the other 7.5% consisting of a base metal, usually copper. The reason for the addition of the base metal is because pure silver is too soft and malleable for producing functional objects and suffers too much damage. A bit of hardness has to be introduced, by adding other metals.

How long does it take?

Each necklace is handmade and can take 2-3 weeks for production and delivery.

What type of designs can be made with the Kustom Jewels line?

ANY language,symbol, font or handwriting can be done. Customize your jewelry with the use of names, logos, signatures, mantras, lyrics, quotes and more.


Use the website www.dafont.com to browse, try and save numerous fonts for your design. Simply click on a font you like and enter your name, word or phrase in the "custom preview" box located at the top left corner. Once you are finished save the image and send it in with your order.
Use Google Translate to translate words in different languages.